Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2008

Welcome to Faithbook!

"General Information: Faithbook is where we harness the positive power of the net, the different religions' sacred texts or 'faith books,' to share, learn and build inter faith relationships."

Vor zwei Tagen wurde Faithbook geboren, eine interreligiöse Plattform innerhalb des internationalen sozialen Netzwerks Facebook.

Gründer von Faithbook ist "The Movement for Reform Judaism" Aus dem Artikel bei Times Online: "Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, executive director of the movement said: “So much of what has happened with new media is that it has become a place where extremists can construct messages of hate and intolerance. We have got to combat that and create a space where people who may not meet face to face can have a constructive debate.”
Simon Cohen, spokesman for Faithbook, told Times Online that it was the only faith group on Facebook to invite all faiths to participate. It would “engage the younger generation” and inform people about religion."

Bis jetzt gibt es Fotos, Diskussionsforen über Konversion, Atheismus und religiösen Fanatismus und drei Gebete, von denen ich hier noch das um "interfaith unterstandig" zitiere:

"God of all creation, we stand in awe before You, impelled by visions of human harmony. We are children of many traditions - inheritors of shared wisdom and tragic misunderstanding, of proud hopes and humble successes. Now it is time for us to meet - in memory and truth, in courage and trust, in love and promise. In that which we share, let us see the common prayer of humanity; where we differ, let us wonder at human freedom; in our unity and our differences, let us know the uniqueness that is God. May our courage match our convictions, and our integrity match our hope. May our faith in You bring us closer to each other. May our meeting with past and present bring blessing for the future. Amen."

Ich bin sehr gespannt, was daraus wird! 300 Leute sind schon dabei.

Wer die Faith-to-Faith-Euphorie auf ein realistisches Maß dämpfen möchte, kann sich über die feindlichen Übernahmen von Kirchen in Österreich Gedanken machen.